American Express Travel Says Mammoth, California is Great Fun in Both Summer and Winter

American Express Vacations affirms one of the most popular vacation spots for adventure travelers is Mammoth, California. This year round resort offers travelers a wide variety of activities and entertainment. Mammoth is also surprisingly luxurious-offering several spas, fine dinning choices and upscale lodging. Mammoth is a great choice for vacationers who wish to experience the rugged beauty of the Californian Sierras and relax in elegant resorts.

Winter in Mammoth

Wintertime is one of the most popular seasons for travelers according to American Express Travel. In fact, Mammoth made its name as a winter resort. The name Mammoth actually refers to the large ski slope, which was so large, it was referred to as “Mammoth Slope.” Thus, the area retained that name. The near by town is called Mammoth Lakes. The town is little more than a village, with a permanent population at about 500. However, the winter population is often ten times that. Mammoth Lakes actually has more condos than stores or restaurants. These condos can be rented on a weekly basis and range in price. The average price for a weekly condo in the winter is about $2000. Mammoth also offers several luxury resorts, including the Mammoth Inn, which is literally across the street from the most popular ski slope. For more conservative travelers, there are a number of budget inns and motels.

Summer in Mammoth

Despite the booming winter business of skiing, Mammoth is also quite popular in the summer time. There are a number of American Express Travel Deals in the early part of the summer before the crowds come in. Early June is best for weather and availability. Again, there are a number of options for accommodations in the summer, with more availability in the condos. Prices are also marginally less.

The travel attractions during the summer season are different than the winter season. Although there is no snow for the skiing masses, adventure travel enthusiast still flock to this location. From the Mammoth Inn, travelers can purchase bus tickets to be taken to Devil’s Post Pile National Monument for $7.00 per person. This provides access to a number of scenic areas, including the geological wonder, Devil’s Post Pile, the gorgeous Rainbow Falls and the peaceful Reds Meadow. The bus stops at ten different locations, and the traveler must hike from where the bus parks to see the sights. The hike to Devil’s Post Pile is pretty mild, and most people say it’s not that difficult. The hike to the top of the monument is quite strenuous, and is not recommended for the elderly or children with asthma, however. The hike to Rainbow Falls is also quite strenuous, as is the continuation to the Lower Falls. Make sure to bring at least two 12 ounce bottles if you plan to do more than Devil’s Post Pile. Reds Meadow is quite breathtaking, but is a longer and strenuous hike, but the view is worth it.

With so much to see and do, it is no surprise that the active traveler is attracted to Mammoth Mountain. American Express Travel offers a number of packages that include some guided hikes and tours, combined with some of the best accommodations in Mammoth Lakes. Find out why active travelers love Mammoth!

Why Travel in Marrakech Means the Ultimate Adventure

According to American social historian Daniel J. Boorstin, there is a fine distinction between a mere tourist and a true traveler. A mere tourist is someone passive; what he does is a simple “sight-seeing”. He expects interesting things to happen when going to different places. However, Boorstin described a traveler as someone active; an individual who is strenuously in search of people, adventure, and experience. So, if you want to set yourself apart from the bunch of mere tourists and achieve the appellation of a real traveler, then choose to travel in Marrakech, Morocco.

This bewitching city in Morocco holds a special place in the hearts of many true travelers. Why? Simply because their trips to Marrakech city are worth labeled as ultimate adventures. How does Marrakech able to transform a travel enthusiast’s normal vacation into an ultimate adventure? Help yourself out with the answers below:

1. Bewildering Attractions in Marrakech

Whether you are longing for a good entertainment or artistic fulfillment, Marrakech is the perfect place for you. At the heart of the city lies the Jemaa l-Fna square, also known as the dwelling place of pure fun and entertainment. Here, you will see different talents performing at their very best. Acrobats, musicians, comedians, and dancers come together at Jemaa l-Fna to satisfy every visitor’s thirst for the unique Moroccan style of entertainment.

If the sights at Jemaa l-Fna fail to amuse you, then hop on to Majorelle Garden and satisfy your craving for aesthetic pleasure. This spectacular garden, which is considered as the Magnum Opus of French artist Jacques Majorelle, is now owned by couture geniuses Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. The Majorelle garden hosts a wide variety of flora that is absolutely pleasing to the eyes. The stylish blue house found in the garden serves as a museum that houses precious Islamic art objects.

2. Delightful Cuisines in Marrakech

Moroccan food is not just your ordinary foreign food. It is prepared with much care and artistry because it does not only intend to fill an empty stomach. Every Moroccan dish is created to be savored and remembered by those who consume it. The taste of Moroccan mint tea and couscous are sure to linger not just in your mouth but also in your mind. Those people who managed to travel in Marrakech would agree that these Moroccan foods taste a lot better in the city’s fine restaurants.

3. Fascinating Culture in Marrakech

A mix of old and new. These are how most travelers describe the Moroccan culture. However, the unique and amazing culture of the country manifests more in the city of Marrakech. Not heavily infiltrated by modernity yet not too ancient-looking, Marrakech city managed to preserve the look and feel of the Moroccan medieval era. The wonderful Moroccan customs and traditions are still given importance and strictly practiced in the city. So, if you decide to travel in Marrakech and you happen to encounter a peculiar happening, do not be surprised. The people in Marrakech are just used to show off their deep appreciation and love for their truly fascinating culture.

Best Local Discount Online Hotel Reservation Agencies in Asia

An all out exotic Asian travel destination getaway is a top priority on most travel enthusiast’s itinerary. Most travelers might get stuck on which hotels to choose or where to find the right hotel in Asia that they can afford. Certain hotels in Asia can be quite expensive. Hong Kong, Shanghai and Japan are just a few examples. But you shouldn’t let that fact discourage you since there are many hotel agencies that can find discount hotel rates all over Asia, regardless of low season or high season.

Most travelers usually stick with the well advertised Internet travel companies with cutesy commercials to book hotel rooms throughout Asia. While it’s acceptable and you may find decent rates on their websites you can still do even better.

The key is to find Internet hotel agencies rather then choose an agency that provides plane tickets, etc. The benefits of Internet hotel agencies is that they are able to offer travelers more choices of hotel properties to select from. Hotels in Asia seek out these agencies because they know that travelers are relying more and more on hotel agencies that basically act as hotel room wholesalers.

And when a particular hotel needs to sell more of their rooms to reach a quota they will send out a flash sale to these agencies and have them promote the offers. In return the agencies receive a deep discount on a bulk set of hotel rooms which part of the savings is passed to travelers who make a hotel reservation from their website.

Another tip for getting the best hotel rates in Asia is stick with an agency that specializes in hotels of the region you are traveling to. Below are a few reputable and professional Asian based hotel agencies:

  • Asia Web Direct
  • Agoda
  • Rakuten (Recommended for finding discount hotel rates in Japan)

All of those agencies have offices in Asia so they are the first to receive updates on last-minute hotel deals and special promotions.

So whether you are planning a trip to Thailand and all the way through to Japan make sure you find a local agency. They are the best providers of discount hotel rates and in a better place to find you the right hotel for your budget and comfort level.