Mexico by Motorcycle: A Book Review

The popularity of motorcycling in Mexico has its modern roots in the first half of the 20th century. And through blogging and other online means of mass communicating, especially over the past decade writing about this particular means of seeing the country has increased exponentially. However the topic has not received comprehensive treatment in both an extremely informative and highly entertaining fashion – until now.

In Mexico by Motorcycle: An Adventure Story and Guide (Sombrero Books, 2015), Mexico expert and motorcycle enthusiast William B. Kaliher takes us for a ride spanning more than two decades. No, Kaliher has not been riding continually all that time; his first visit was in 1964, and the meat of his book is drawn from extended experiences in 1971 and 1993.

Kaliher immediately grabs your interest. At the outset he lets you know what’s in store in terms of his use of descriptive anecdotes interspersed with gems of travel advice. It quickly becomes apparent that the author is a talented writer and former biker who has been diarizing his travels over decades; not just the two main motorcycling adventures chronicled, but literally for fifty years using different modes of travel while traversing thousands of roads connecting Mexico’s villages, towns and cities.

The advice includes: night riding; what and how much clothing to bring and why (even bikers should have on hand one nice shirt and pair of slacks); climatic considerations; repair matters; modern day perceptions of drugs, violence, bribes and associated anxieties; insurance; maps; the border; relationships; size of motorcycle (a dumbfounding surprise for me); accommodations, restaurants and sights; parking; security; dogs; and all that makes the adventure worthwhile, and more importantly a life-altering experience.

Although a plethora of valuable advice is detailed in the first couple of chapters, Kaliher’s style is to intersperse additional nuggets of wisdom throughout the book. He imparts the fruits of his expertise through the use of richly descriptive, and at times humorous narratives such as referring to “the mother of all potholes,” and how traffic lights and stop signs suddenly become “obstacles to be overcome.” His knowledge of Mexico’s past, as well as its unique and diverse present-day traditions and personalities shines brightly.

Mexico by Motorcycle is an exquisite photo essay, a guide book packed with critically important advice and tips which will surprise you by virtue of the fact that Kaliher even considered mentioning them, and an adventure through the country’s landscapes, history and contemporary cultures.

My criticism is with the title, but only because prospective visitors to the country using car or van may miss out on one of the most important books in modern times about traveling in Mexico. The audience should include Mexicophiles who have no interest in driving in the country. The read will induce fond recollections of past experiences and pique the interest in a return, perhaps even on a motorcycle.

Staying Inside Corbett National Park Makes a Tour Memorable

Jim Corbett National park is one of the biggest and Natural National parks of Modern India. Resplendent with aplendid beauty with vastness of wilderness, the park boasts of a variety of flora and fauna across its contours.

The park has been the talk of the town ever since its inception by wildlife enthusiast Jim Corbett. To facilitate the wildlife maven, the tourism department has demarcated the national heritage into five different zones. All the five zones have been properly equipped with basic amenities of life and proper boarding and lodging facilities have been provided for the tourist.

With the passage of time, enhancements have been made to make life better for the wild life wanderer. If visiting the famous park is a part of your itinerary, then some of the best jungle lodges are waiting for your call, all you need is to jump into the bandwagon and treat yourself to the jungle safari. Some of the best wildlife lodges which boast of world class jungle safaris are:

Dhikala Forest Lodge: For the wildlife enthusiast who wants to be in close vicinity of nature, the Dhikala lodge is the perfect option available to him. Resplendent with wildlife beauty and its enchanting flora and fauna, the Dhikala Forest Lodge offers key ingredients for a perfect forest safari. The scenic beauty of Sal forest amidst the flowing Ramganga River, the wildlife adventurer feels the pulse the nature. Your stay in the lodge is well commented by on and off visualisation of wild animals like tiger, leopard, jackal or an elephant. If you are lucky, you can have a chance encounter with a wild boar which at time frisk near the lodge or the Ramganga River.

Gairal Forest Lodge: located in the close vicinity of just 20 Km from Dhangari Gate, and the banks of Ramganga River, Gairal forest lodge gives a splendid view of the vast flora and fauna of the Corbett national Park. The Lodge is equipped with the latest living amenities and provides with host of offerings from the tourist department. By the virtue of its placement, the Gairal Forest Lodge gives a feeling of wildness to the wild life wanderer and at times give the tourist, value for its money by making him see the tiger habitat from close quarters. Also at other times, you can be lucky to have a close view of wandering animals like elephants and sloth bear that often first near the lodge.

Sarapduli Forest Lodge: If you want to over stretch your contours and want to enter the magnificence of wildlife beauty, Sarapduli forest lodge is the place you should be. The lodge gives you a clear view of the diverse flora and fauna of the Corbett National Park. What distinguish this government lodge from the other ones are its natural and exotic surroundings? As a unique feature of this lodge is that you can always enjoy viewing several bird species in their natural habitat. Situated near to the downstream Gajral River, this lodge provides the wildlife lover some admiring moments of peace and tranquillity along with nature. As a part of parcel, you can take a glimpse of wildlife animals such as tiger, elephant and sambhar in their natural existence.

Tips That Make Buying Electronics Enclosures Easier

As one of the essential components of electronic or electro-mechanical devices, an electronic enclosure helps protect them from electromagnetic interference (EMI). A lot of appliances and devices like instruments, computers, consoles, push buttons and industrial PCs use these enclosures to avoid exposure to radiation. Besides offsetting the effects of EMI, these specially designed enclosures also save them from the onslaught of external elements like dust, dirt, heat, moisture, and chemicals.

Selecting the right kind of electronic enclosure can be a bit tricky as there are several factors to consider. If you are planning to invest in a few electronic enclosures, here are a few tips to make the buying process easier for you. Take a close look:

Understand Your Shielding Requirement

Before investing in an electronic enclosure for your product, make sure you form a fair idea about how it works. This will help you choose the best enclosure solution depending on the usage of your application. This homework will also help you to know the issues that might crop up while in use and how to deal with them. You will also get an idea of the accessories that you can use along with an enclosure. Also, consider the ratings of the different types of enclosures before making the final choice.

Choose the Distributor Wisely

While buying an enclosure for EMI protection, make sure you buy it from a reliable electronic component distributor. Most of the electronic enclosure manufacturers distribute the products themselves. However, check the availability and shipping time with different distributors before you place the final order. Also, study the ongoing market trends thoroughly so that you can form an idea about the competitive pricing. Usually, a direct buy from the manufacturer helps you get the best possible deals, and this is even more so if you are buying enclosures in bulk.

Get In Touch With the Sales Team

While purchasing enclosure products from a particular manufacturer, be sure to get in touch with their sales team. These skilled professionals will provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed buying decision. They might also come up with a more cost-effective solution for you, based on your exact requirements. Hence, get in touch with them well in advance.

Get the Enclosures Modified

One of the most important tasks is to get the enclosures modified. Whether you need the change for identifying or matching dimensions with output, and input always get it done by the manufacturer as they have the best knowledge regarding the impact of certain modifications on the different materials. They are the best persons to guide you on choosing the right technique for the integration of the solution into your application. For example, how much torque to use for drilling it into your device? Your manufacturer’s man is the best person to answer such questions. Moreover, they will also suggest the most cost-effective options for you.

Following these tips will make the job of choosing and buying the electronic enclosures way easier for you. So, keep these tips in your mind and evaluate your options quickly.