Astral Projection Frequencies and Higher College Grades

Astral travel has come a long way, making the journey from ancient Egypt to the science lab. In antiquity, astral travel was an elitist practice for the higher-ranking members of society. Today, astral projection frequencies and researched and known in a way that makes the journey possible for everyone. As it turns out, the only thing that kept folks in bygone eras from the practice was mere knowledge.

Today, however, education is still an important key to open the door to astral travel. It appears that everyone is capable of experiencing astral phenomena. However, better understanding concepts such as astral projection frequencies is no doubt a way to gain an advantage and make the process easier. Moreover, just like learning foreign languages, if we don’t exercise our abilities, they tend to fade away. I want to take a closer look at astral projection frequencies and “dust off” our latent abilities a bit.

By better understanding the nature of astral projection frequencies, we can more easily exit the physical body and move on to new dimensions at will. This may seem technical, but brainwave research shows how we move through a series of astral projection frequencies. For instance, consider Gamma, which is our heightened state of awareness and ultra-perception, which registers between 38-90 Hz. Leading up to that, at 12-38 Hz is the problem-solving state of the brain. The body experiences greater relaxation, and slower brainwaves, in the 8-12 Hz phase we call Alpha. Even deeper relaxation and even meditation is found in the 4-8 Hz Theta range, which is exactly where astral travel occurs. Deep sleep is just beyond that, at the.5-4 Hz Delta phase. Finally, under.5 Hz is the Lambda/Epsilon place of widespread awareness and mystical consciousness.

An interesting finding in the research on astral projection frequencies is the fact that astral projection is possible by mixing some of the brainwave frequencies. Sound recordings of binaural beats are designed to blend two different astral projection frequencies by presenting them to your ears separately. It seems the brain actually creates a third tone somewhere between the two. You are then able to hone in on a frequency that you would not normally detect. Studies evince that a blend of alpha and theta waves are especially good for encouraging shifts of consciousness. Some people are able to reach the point in about fifteen minutes. Others may take longer. In any event, people generally do better reaching astral projection frequencies when they have the sound recordings to help.

In contrast to the binaural beats, there are also the monaural beats. These are two tones that have the same intensity. The sound recordings will have them pulsing along a pattern that generates a clear, crisp sound. Your brain will realize it’s easier to adjust to the monaural beats so it doesn’t have to balance out the two. Isochronic tones are shown to increase grades in college students listening to them. With these the tones are the same intensity, and they are provided at a faster rate, and so the brain works to synchronize with that rhythm.

As you can see, our knowledge of astral projection frequencies has come a long, long way since the days of ancient Egypt. In fact, you can search online and find a wide assortment of recordings for sale that are designed to assist with astral travel. Some of these may not work that well, if at all, but the research is clear that there is a place for these special types of music.