Unexpected Luxury Africa Travel Destinations

Luxury is not confined to city streets and chic boutiques; it can also be found in quite surprising locales, making it all the more enthralling. Luxury can be found in the depths of rugged, intriguing Africa, where exotic animals roam and fascinating cultures people the land. This continent is a wealth of natural resources, culture, and allure. Discover its underrated, brilliant gems.

You do not have to rough it on safari in Kenya, Tanzania, or Egypt. These fascinating countries offer a wealth of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes for the intrepid visitor to explore in luxury and comfort. While these destinations have gained in popularity in recent years, they still remain less traveled than their European counterparts. What can you expect on a tour of beautiful Kenya, Tanzania, or Egypt?

Expect to be awed by wildlife, free in their natural habitats. Travel through plains inhabited by leopards, lions, buffalo, elephants, and rhinoceros in Kenya’s Masai Mara game park. See ten-foot crocodiles lounging by the Nile, or sand cats and camels in the deserts of Egypt. Visit the most bio-diverse country in Africa, Tanzania, and witness the wealth of orchids, rare birds, and endemic species. There is no zoo that can compare to the wonder of seeing these animals in their natural element. They are sights of unparalleled beauty.

Expect rich and vibrant cultures, from Kenya’s Samburu people, with bright clothing and beaded jewelry, to the Spice Island and coastal region of Tanzania. This is home to the Swahili people, who will give you an intriguing glance into African life. You will see languid marketplaces of the Swahili coast or the teeming cities of Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor. Visit Jerash or Jordan and gaze at historic sites. See the Sphinx and the famed pyramids. The cultural offerings are unending, and unceasingly enchanting.

Expect luxury. Whether your stay brings you to one of the lavish resorts on the banks of the Dead Sea or to one of the beautiful Serena hotels that dot the most remote and exotic locales of Africa, you will find unbelievable views, indescribable beauty, and unexpected pleasure in the comforts you will receive even in the midst of untamed wilderness.

Luxury safaris are gaining in popularity, but these stunning areas are still much less trodden than other premiere destinations. You will have the privacy and solitude to enjoy picturesque vistas and awe-inspiring beasts. Before booking your next vacation, consider departing from the ordinary path and explore Africa.