Singapore Star Cruise: A Perfect Holiday Destination

Rich in culture, vibrant, famous and topping the lists of foreign destinations which you can explore under your budget, Singapore is the popular island city that feels like a house for every tourist. And the most exceptional way to explore this garden city is none other than the popular Singapore Star Cruise tour. Be it unlimited family fun, lovely surprises, sightseeing, shore excursions, or top-notch services, Singapore Star Cruise is the one-stop destination which will chase all the tour planning blues.

Singapore is a quick developing as a popular cruise hub in Asia and presently has 2 cruise ports – the new Marina Bay Cruise Center and the Singapore Cruise Center. These ports provide top-notch facilities for the passenger and ships amenities and can deal with cruise ships of every size. Numerous cruise liners like Star Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean, presently provide daily sailings from Singapore to spots in the Far East like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The largest cruise line working out of Singapore is Star Cruises which is a part of Genting Hong Kong. Established in 1993, it is the popular cruise liner in the Asia-Pacific region and the third largest globally. They are popular for the ‘freestyle cruising’ concept which they adopted when they needed Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL). The Star Cruises fleet incorporates 5 great ships – SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Aquarius, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Virgo, and Star Pisces sail to different destinations in Southeast Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong.

SuperStar Gemini provides annual cruise packages which begin from Singapore and sails to different ports in Thailand and Malaysia. The ship provides cruise packages to Phuket in Thailand and Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Langkawi in Malaysia. More than 1500 passengers are accommodated by SuperStar Gemini in 700 cabins – relying on their budget and choices, passengers can select from the OceanView Staterooms, Executive Suites, or the more reasonable Inside Staterooms.

SuperStar Gemini provides tailor-made service with Asian hospitality, with a great crew to passenger ratio of 1:2. There are numerous dining and recreation options on the ship. Being a passenger, you will get plenty of recreation choices to select from, incorporating games room, spa, gym, sundeck, jogging track, Jacuzzi, and numerous swimming pools. Additionally, it has wonderful entertainment options incorporating a stargazing lounge.

With a wide array of cuisines – ranging from international to Asian to Indian, the SuperStar Gemini, even every ship in the Singapore Star Cruises fleet is the delight of a food lover. Tourists can be pleased by as many as eleven different dining bars and venues, some of them incorporated in the all-inclusive Singapore tour packages also. In general, Singapore Star Cruises have really good food options, especially for Indian tourists. They have plenty of Jain or veggie options, something that most other prime cruise liners don’t offer.

Singapore Star Cruise packages

This season, if you want to reach a perfect holiday spot, you must cruise on the SuperStar Gemini that has plenty of itineraries and packages to select from:

1. Two-Night Packages (Costing starts at Rs. 15,700 per person)

  • On Friday, the High Seas Cruise will depart and take travellers on the cruise to the high seasons where they can explore the recreation facilities.

  • On Wednesday, the two-night cruise to Malacca starts sailing and halts at Malaysia’s Malacca.

  • The two-night cruise to Port Klang provides excursions to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

2. Three-Night Packages (Costing starts at Rs. 24,700 per person)

  • On Sundays, the three-night Penang-Langkawi cruise sets sailing, with stoppages in Malaysia’s Penang and Langkawi, prior to finishing at Singapore.

  • On Sundays, the three-night Penang-Port Klang also sets sailing, with stoppages at Penang and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

  • On Sundays, the Pulau Tioman-Redang cruise departs and covers the ports of Pulau Tioman and Redang more than 3 nights prior to returning to Singapore.

3. Five-Night Packages (Costing starts at Rs. 38,400 per person)

  • An extension of the 3-night Penang-Langkawi cruise is the Penang-Langkawi-Port Klang cruise. First, it continues to Port Klang, heads to Malaysia on the 4th night and returns to Singapore finally.

  • On Sundays, the Pulau Tioman-Redang-Port Klang cruise starts to sail. The cruise coverts Redang Island and the ports of Pulau Tioman prior to returning after three nights to Singapore. It continues to Kuala Lumpur, Port Klang from here, prior to its ultimate stoppage at Singapore.

To know more about the culture and cuisine of Singapore, you must choose a Singapore Star Cruise package ASAP.

A Review of the Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship

It has been a few years since Cunard introduced its’ Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, so now is a good time to assess its’ merits (or otherwise). The ship shares many similarities with other vessels from the same fleet, such as the Queen Victoria – which existed several years before the Elizabeth. Also, the hull design of the Elizabeth bears much resemblance to other ships from the Global cruise firm, Carnival Corporation. Examples that spring to mind are the Spirit class vessels from Carnival Cruise Lines, the Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam (from Holland America), many of the Costa Cruise Ships, and the Arcadia (from P&O Cruises). Thus, the Queen Elizabeth, which is the 3rd addition to the Cunard fleet, has a characteristic cruise ship design and is noticeably different to the Queen Mary Two, which was Cunard’s archetypal ocean liner.

However, while the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria are difficult to differentiate, in terms of their staterooms and layout, there are several important features that make the Queen Elizabeth stand out. The decoration aboard the Elizabeth is Art Deco styled, with bright and trendy interior designs, in contrast to the more traditional Victorian design of its’ sister ship. In the public parts of the ship, the soothing tunes of the resident pianist, jazz trio or harpist will charm you. Also, wherever you look on board, you will see stunning works of art, polished wooden surfaces, gleaming Italian marble and dimmed lighting – complemented by impressive chandeliers. All of this combines to produce a unique atmosphere of classic and contemporary glamour.

Usually, there are several different types of guests aboard the Queen Elizabeth. Nonetheless, one thing that all passengers have in common is an interest in the Cunard brand. This is true for people who have just heard about the vessels and want to see what all the fuss is about. It is true for Cunard repeat customers too.

The world cruise each year attracts a diverse crowd from across the globe, although many of these are affluent British and American holidaymakers. Invariably, British passengers make up the bulk of those who leave from Southampton. British and American passengers are known to enjoy shorter cruises as well. Often, first time cruisers (or first time Cunard cruisers) will appear on the Cunard annual mini cruises. Frequently, these passengers are less affluent than those who partake in world cruises. Also, German and Japanese holidaymakers are famous for their love of Cunard cruise ships. Undoubtedly, the Cunard name brings many people back year after year, so the Company is doing something right.

Perhaps surprisingly, cruises aboard the Queen Elizabeth only have a couple of evenings each week where you have to dress formally for dinner (mini cruises only have one formal evening each week). The three categories of attire on board are: formal, semi formal and casual. Formal attire is over-the-top, glitzy evening wear, whereas semi formal is just a cocktail dress for women and a smart suit for men. For casual wear, most men just go for a straightforward tie and jacket. World cruises give wealthy guests the chance to flash their cash on formal evenings, so expect plenty of jewels and lavish ballroom gowns.

There are no “artificial” attractions on the Queen Elizabeth, like neon night clubs or water chutes. In contrast, Cunard creates a wonderful ambiance based on its’ splendid history via traditional activities, such as bowls and ballroom dancing. On the web, there is mixed feedback from customers about this cruise ship, however many passengers give the Queen Elizabeth a positive review. Thus, if you have never booked with Cunard before – and you ever get the chance – you could do a lot worse than considering this ship for your next cruise.

What to Expect on a Luxury Cruise

Aside from being wealthy, most people who go on luxury cruises are discerning, seasoned travellers who enjoy interacting with other like-minded passengers. These people are happy to pay more, if it means they can holiday in a 5 star, sophisticated environment where they will be well looked after.

Certainly, on a luxury cruise, every passenger is given a high level of personal service, as the staff are trained to cater to your every need from the moment you board. The ambiance on these ships is refined, yet sociable, with passengers exchanging stories while sipping fine wine and enjoying the kind of international cuisine that would upstage many respectable land-based eateries. While the food on offer is slightly below the level of the world’s top restaurants, it is a cut above the cuisine provided on any other type of cruise ship. Also, the food is served to you by courteous staff, who make every meal a pleasurable experience. Alternatively, if you do not feel like socializing, you can always have food brought to your stateroom.

Generally, luxury cruises offer fewer options for entertainment compared to normal cruises, and the entertainment that is provided is more reserved. Rather than boisterous discos and partying, passengers prefer to socialize with one another in a wine bar, whilst listening to live music. On many luxury cruises, expert speakers are hired to give lectures on a wide range of contemporary and historical issues. These speakers can include scientists, former politicians, historians, academics and explorers. Usually, a luxury cruise itinerary will focus on yachting hotspots, such as those found in many parts of the Caribbean, rather than the large commercial ports. All of this makes for a far more cultured and educational experience, in contrast to the booze fuelled, mindless entertainment that characterises many mainstream cruises.

Staff on luxury cruise ships are able to provide a more personalised service, because the vessels are a smaller size than normal cruise ships. This creates a more intimate atmosphere and allows luxury cruise ships to stop-off at ports that would be overlooked on a mainstream cruise. A small luxury cruise ship will carry no more than two hundred guests, and a big ship will carry no more than one thousand guests. The quieter, more understated nature of these cruises appeals to those who dislike the hustle and bustle of a more commercial cruise line, and who want a service that is tailored to their preferences.

Several luxury ships offer extra treats for guests, such as toiletries from name brands and pyjamas with embroidered cotton logos. While these are only small touches, they are always very popular with passengers, who appreciate the attention to detail. Although most ships do not cater to children, there are some child-friendly vessels that operate during the school holidays. Usually, child minding can be privately organised with an off duty member of staff. Obviously, these types of cruises would not be the first choice for a family holiday. However, facilities can still be offered on these ships to keep children entertained, so family groups are not unheard of.

The smaller high-end cruise lines have always been notorious for their strict dress codes. Historically, black tie suits and evening gowns were mandatory attire for dinner. Nonetheless, recently, many luxury cruise operators (notably Cunard) have adopted more liberal dress codes, to reflect the fact that many modern guests do not enjoy having to dress for dinner. These days, providing you do not dress too outrageously, you can wear virtually whatever you want on many luxury ships. Tradition aside, most people agree that it is a good thing that the cruise lines have taken this approach, as it keeps them up-to-date with current trends.

Undoubtedly, a luxury cruise offers a different, more bespoke holiday experience that attracts those who enjoy the finer things in life. If you can afford it and decide to book one of these cruises, after your trip, you will probably never want to book another mainstream cruise again.