Tiger Holidays For the Adventure Enthusiast

Have you always wanted to venture into the Indian jungle in search of the Tiger? Holidays in the northern part of India with a focus on sightings of this majestic big cat are becoming increasingly popular among wildlife lovers. Tiger holidays can be combined with a cultural excursion too, should you wish.

Booking with a reputable and established company ensures that you have the peace of mind of a regulatory Sustainable Tourism accreditation. If you ensure this is in place you can rest assured the tours are run in an environmentally responsible way. Some companies are also actively involved with wildlife conservation and contribute to worthwhile causes both financially and operationally. As well, some companies support local guesthouses and lodges and, where possible, employ local guides to accompany the tour in order to make a positive impact within the community.

Which tour?

The first and most important ingredient when booking Tiger holidays is choosing the tour right for you. You’ll need to research and think about exactly what you want, how much travelling you want to do, the level of accommodation you are looking for and the number of reserves you wish to visit. For example, do you want your trip to focus solely on the big cat or would you prefer a more diverse wildlife experience? You also need to consider who is travelling on the trip and whether the lodgings and itinerary are suitable for all members of your party. Once you narrow down your requirements, you also make your choice of itineraries more manageable.

Booking the tour

When you’ve decided on the company to book with you can book online or over the phone. If you have any further questions that have not been answered in your research, now is the time to ask them. Booking forms will need completing and an initial deposit paid. Once this is done, you will receive confirmation with details of your itinerary and any other travel information required (visas, immunizations etc).

The huge benefit of booking with an established tour company rather than going it alone is that employees are highly experienced in the field. They will be more than happy to share their geographical and logistical knowledge with you as many have worked on the road as tour leaders and can confidently answer any queries you may have.

When it comes to Tiger holidays, for many wildlife enthusiasts this will be the culmination of a lifetime dream. Nothing can compare to sighting wildlife in their natural habitat and, once experienced, it is impossible to forget.

A Credit Card for the Car Enthusiast

You’ve know that there are credit cards almost for every kind of person. There are travel cards for those who love to travel (or dream of travelling), prepaid credit cards for those who are on a budget, cards that give rewards points for purchases (gasoline, toys, groceries, etc). But did you know that there is a credit card for those who are into cars? Apart from having an image of a truck or car on the car front, these credit cards give unbelievable benefits to the cardholders.

There are several credit cards that are affiliated with car companies but the most popular ones are those that have tie-ups with car manufacturers such as Subaru, General Motors, and Volkswagen. Credit card giant, Citibank, may not have made any exclusive tie ups with a specific car company, but they have a card with services that will appeal to the car enthusiast in you.

Credit Cards that offer automobile related rewards are definitely ideal for those who live and breathe for their cars (or those who dream of one day, owning one of these cars). Cards affiliated with manufacturers give higher rewards points on most of your basic purchases (gasoline, groceries, etc), plus the rewards points can be converted for parts and services, merchandise, and gift certificates. Depending on the total rewards you have, you may use your points and apply it to maintaining or buying or leasing a brand new or used car (subject to existing terms and conditions).

To further entice people to sign up for their services, companies that provide credit cards with automobile-related rewards add more tempting benefits to the mix. Most of these cards do not charge any annual fees, and offer additional services such as balance transfer (waived balance transfer fees) and online account management. Some cards even have incentive programs wherein you are given the opportunity to earn a little extra.

If you think that these credit cards can only be used in within the United States, you are mistaken. You can use these cards anywhere in the world because apart from the fact that most of these cards are associated with one of the major credit card companies, these cards also carry the Visa or MasterCard logo. Wherever you are, establishments displaying the same Visa and / or MasterCard emblem will accept your credit card.

As with any credit card, you have to use this powerful tool wisely. Even if you are raring to own a car of your own, you cannot continuously charge up a storm and hope that you have accumulated enough points so you can either buy or lease a car of your own. You may earn points, but with these points, you will also incur more debt which, if you are not able to handle this properly, may adversely affect your credit rating. These cards are meant to give you something more for your money. It is not a shortcut to owning your vehicle. These cards are simply things that you use to make spending for yourself and your car more fun and enjoyable.