Tours & Travel in Borneo Sabah

Sabah, Malaysia consistently ranks high on places to visit as it did on the TripAdvisor’s 2018 Traveler’s Choice Awards, as published in The Daily Express (April 12, 2018).

Many first time visitors to Sabah will most likely be aware of the many cultural and nature attractions to be found. Large parts of Sabah is still natural pristine forest, difficult to get to and if you really want to see some amazing sights, you have to get off the beaten path.

Many of the natural attractions in Sabah are well-known – Mount Kinabalu being the highest mountain in Malaysia, the Rafflesia being one of the rarest and largest flower in the world, and for scuba diving enthusiast, there is no where better to be.

The Tourism Industry in Sabah

The tourism industry in Sabah, and in Malaysia is well regulated. They understand the importance of the economic benefits it brings to the local community and how it aids in conservation.

One of the charms of tourism in Sabah is that it is filled with rich history and cultural significance. It is not too developed and that adds to the adventure and its rustic charms. Sometimes getting to the destination is an adventure in itself, traveling on a mountain road while in the relative comfort of an air-conditioned coach.

One of the Sabah tour agency I have met realizes the role they play in taking care of the tourists that arrive in Sabah. Partly because of their ingrained sense of hospitality and friendliness, as well as the pride they have in being a Sabah native.

Sabah or North Borneo in the historical context, is known for its nature and natural beauty. Undeveloped islands maintain their charm, the National Park that is home to Mount Kinabalu is still surrounded by untouched nature on all sides.

Need to go further out into the wild? Maliau Basin is a designated conservation area that tourists can visit and see wildlife in its natural habitat. Or the Kinabatangan river, the second longest river in Malaysia that flows through vast tracks of virgin jungle.

To witness the true beauty of Sabah, you need to get out of the city and out into the countryside. This is where tour agencies come in. Much of Sabah is still being developed and getting around might not be as simple as more well developed tourist destinations.

Getting Around in Sabah

The best way to get around Sabah and experience Borneo in its fullest is to travel with a licensed tour agent. They have the support and facilities that lets you enjoy your visit without any stress. Many of the best destinations are outside the city, with a travel time of three hours or more, over sealed and unsealed roads.

Depending on the tour package and destination, food and accommodation may be included. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and immerse in the local culture.

The best known scuba diving site is in Sipidan and the only way to get there is on an aeroplane to Tawau, then a coach ride to a small town called Semporna. To make sure you get all your travel connections right, and with adequate scuba diving time, the best way is to talk to a tour agent.

It is possible to get around on your own but you will be spending a lot of time making travel and accommodations arrangement. If you have a specific destination in Sabah you want to go to but find it challenging to arrange on your own, talk to a tour agent. It can make all the difference and take the stress out of your holiday.

How to Travel With Your Bike On An Adventure

You must be quite an adventure enthusiast if you are contemplating to take it on with your bike. It is a big step particularly if you are not the type to be caged in what seems normal by taking a car. Even if you are an expert cyclist, deciding to travel by your bike on an adventure will demand thorough preparation and research compared to readying a car or just taking a flight. This article is aimed at giving you a guideline of the things to factor in as you prep to embark to enjoy the scenery at your own pace.

Inspect your bike first or have a professional do it for you. Whether you have the best mountain bike under 300 or the best mountain bike under 200, safety is paramount. You need to feel as safe as possible with your bike. Confirm your helmet is all set and it’s the right so as not to block your view. If planning to ride in the night, have a light mounted on your helmet and on your bike. Ensure its’ sharp enough for the other cyclists and drivers to clearly see you. Take your bike for a long-distance test-ride. This will help you rule out some of the doubts you could be having on safety.

Go over your map keenly, this will help you to familiarize with the surrounding, the terrain to expect and traffic. Research on weather conditions to expect and note down the spots you can take shelter at in case of an emergency. Most importantly, ensure to research and feel settled when it comes to the security of that place.

If seriously planning to travel with your bike, at the bare minimum, be sure you know how to adjust the saddle and change the tire in case of a flat. Even if you’ve already marked bike shops on your map, these basics will save lots of time not forgetting money. You can imagine if your tire bursts in the middle of nowhere and you’ll have to transport it to a technician. Not an exciting detour you’d hoped for, right?

Also, know how to adjust the saddle to the right height; you sure have to be comfortable riding and adjust your brakes accordingly as well. Knowing how to tighten bolts or replace a slipped chain is just as important.

Remember to bring with you appropriate tools for such issues. Examples of such tools are pedal spanners, pump, tire levers.

If you plan to travel by your bike, you require a helmet, a spanner and a map to confirm where the trail leads you. You can also pack backup tire and a bike pump.

Most importantly, bring your phone with you, a backup phone battery or portable charger and an ID. Unfortunately, accidents happen and you might need to contact a friend or family for help. And an identification card will help to identify you just in case. Equally important set aside money for an emergency that you can easily access.

At some point, you might be forced to pack your bike for a flight or via other means of transport, so ensure you’ve a bike bag. Below is a guideline on how to pack a bike:

• Deflate the tires but not completely

• Remove the handlebars and attach them to frame else turn them to one side

• Remove or lower the saddle

• You can remove the wheels well.

• Ensure everything is fitted well, most bags with different fitments suited for their bike parts. Fit them and fasten with straps.

Cycling demands lots of energy especially for a long-distance and burns a huge amount of calories. You surely don’t wish to get worn-out with fatigue, so pack healthy snacks to keep you energetic all through. Don’t forget you need to stay hydrated. Dehydration just smells doom for your adventure with a headache that comes with it, so carry enough water and take it as often as you need to.

Finally, pack appropriate clothing. It helps to check the weather forecast first to know the kind of dress code you will need. But, try to ensure you pack lightweight clothing; even if you will be riding late in the night, get a lightweight jacket.

You cannot afford to allow physical discomfort to overcome you. Push yourself a bit further if you regularly exercise. If exercising isn’t the norm for you, hit the gym or still set aside enough hours cycling around. Take on similar terrain if possible, this will help you get a feel of what the bike tour will entail as well as build your confidence.

Finally, have a blast on your adventure! Don’t shy away, go on and travel by your bike on your deserved adventure.

Unexpected Luxury Africa Travel Destinations

Luxury is not confined to city streets and chic boutiques; it can also be found in quite surprising locales, making it all the more enthralling. Luxury can be found in the depths of rugged, intriguing Africa, where exotic animals roam and fascinating cultures people the land. This continent is a wealth of natural resources, culture, and allure. Discover its underrated, brilliant gems.

You do not have to rough it on safari in Kenya, Tanzania, or Egypt. These fascinating countries offer a wealth of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes for the intrepid visitor to explore in luxury and comfort. While these destinations have gained in popularity in recent years, they still remain less traveled than their European counterparts. What can you expect on a tour of beautiful Kenya, Tanzania, or Egypt?

Expect to be awed by wildlife, free in their natural habitats. Travel through plains inhabited by leopards, lions, buffalo, elephants, and rhinoceros in Kenya’s Masai Mara game park. See ten-foot crocodiles lounging by the Nile, or sand cats and camels in the deserts of Egypt. Visit the most bio-diverse country in Africa, Tanzania, and witness the wealth of orchids, rare birds, and endemic species. There is no zoo that can compare to the wonder of seeing these animals in their natural element. They are sights of unparalleled beauty.

Expect rich and vibrant cultures, from Kenya’s Samburu people, with bright clothing and beaded jewelry, to the Spice Island and coastal region of Tanzania. This is home to the Swahili people, who will give you an intriguing glance into African life. You will see languid marketplaces of the Swahili coast or the teeming cities of Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor. Visit Jerash or Jordan and gaze at historic sites. See the Sphinx and the famed pyramids. The cultural offerings are unending, and unceasingly enchanting.

Expect luxury. Whether your stay brings you to one of the lavish resorts on the banks of the Dead Sea or to one of the beautiful Serena hotels that dot the most remote and exotic locales of Africa, you will find unbelievable views, indescribable beauty, and unexpected pleasure in the comforts you will receive even in the midst of untamed wilderness.

Luxury safaris are gaining in popularity, but these stunning areas are still much less trodden than other premiere destinations. You will have the privacy and solitude to enjoy picturesque vistas and awe-inspiring beasts. Before booking your next vacation, consider departing from the ordinary path and explore Africa.