5 Fun Things To Do On A Ski Vacation Besides Skiing

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities for good reasons. It offers up a chance to take in the fresh mountain air and scenic views while screaming down snowy hills and pine trees. Unfortunately, the same weather that dumps inches of fresh snow to allow you to ski in the first place, can also cause dangerous weather conditions that may close the skiing parks and keep you off of the slopes. Don’t worry though, there are many other activities to partake in besides skiing. Here are 5 fun things to do on a ski vacation besides skiing.

1. Apr├ęs Ski

The word stands for “after skiing” and generally means relaxing with friends after a long day on the slopes. However, you don’t need to have gone skiing all day to partake in this fun activity. If you can’t make it up the mountain stay indoors and enjoy some craft beers, wine, and food with friends and family.

2. Stay inside and watch movies

One of life’s great pleasures is staying cozy by a warm fire while a blizzard rages outside. Don’t let bad weather get you down, stay inside and enjoy a relaxing evening enjoying the amenities of your lodging. Cook a nice dinner, enjoy some wine, put on a movie you’ve been wanting to see, or simply lay back on the couch with a good book.

3. Hot tubbing and spa

If your lodging has a hot tub or spa, rest your muscles and recover after a long ski weekend. Spending day after day skiing can wear out even the most seasoned enthusiast. It is advised to take a break every 2 to 3 days and rest up. This is the perfect time to take advantage of your lodgings extra amenities or take a trip into town for a day at the spa. Your body will thank you.

4. Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is a great way to get exercise and participate in activities outdoors when you can’t or don’t want to go skiing. To snow shoe you put on what looks like tennis rackets on your boots. These displace the weight over a wide area of snow and allow you to walk solidly on even freshly fallen snow. It provides a less strenuous walk along with the sensation of gliding over the snow. Even if the snow is falling heavily outside you can participate in this activity and go for hikes near town.

5. Snow Tubing

Perhaps you can’t ski or are recovering from an injury. Snow tubing is a great way to enjoy nature in a fun and exciting way. Snow tubing requires you to grab ahold of an inner tube and slide down a mountain side much like sledding. There are even makeshift tubing parks with lanes, racing activities, and obstacle courses. However, even the basics will get anyone’s heart rate going.

Don’t feel pressured to only ski during your mountain excursion. Take advantage of all the other activities at your disposal and enjoy yourself.

The Attractions of West Seattle

Seattle, Washington with a population of some 625,000 is the largest city in our Pacific Northwest region. Seattle is one of the top-50 “most populous” cities in the country, and as a matter of fact was the fastest-growing of those 50 cities.

Seattle is a port city and boasts an excellent climate year round… if you like rain. People come here for the rugged scenery, the cool climate, the business opportunities, and of course the history of the region.

In order to accommodate the new residents (Seattle adds some 10,000 new residents a year), there are plenty of apartments for rent, condominiums, as well as duplexes and triplexes. Home rental is also popular.

Seattle, named after a local Native American chief, was founded between 1851-1853, as a logging town. It became the “gateway” to Alaska during the Alaska Gold Rush of 1896, and by 1910 was the 25th largest city in the nation. Since that time there have been many booms and busts, but today Seattle’s economic position is secure with internet and technology companies abounding (in particular, green technology.)

West Seattle

This is the most historic region of the city because it is here that the city was founded, well over a hundred and fifty years ago. New residents of the city can find apartments for rent in brand new apartment buildings, or in buildings or homes that are almost that old! There are also museums and preserved buildings which attract the history-loving enthusiast to the region.

Seattle is divided into thirteen districts, and West Seattle comprises two of them, Delridge and Southwest. All of the city west of the Duwamish River belongs to West Seattle. As with other districts of Seattle, there are plenty of West Seattle apartments for rent here, as well as condominiums and single family homes.

Natural Attractions


From this area of the city, citizens and tourists are blessed with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains (and in particular Mount Olympus itself) to their west, and the Cascade Range to their east. The Cascade Range is of course home to Mount Baker and Mount Rainier, and during the season tourists flock here for the winter sports, while in summer and fall, hiking is popular.

Beaches and Parks

There are several saltwater beach parks here. The two most popular are Alki Beach Park and Lincoln Park. Allki Beach Park, the first public salt water beach on the Pacific North coast, runs along Elliot Bay between Alki Point and Duwamish Head. Alki Point, which extends out into Puget Sound, is the westernmost point, and is the site of the original white settlement of 1851-1853 (comprised of “the Denny Party”) that would grow into Seattle.

Lincoln Park runs along Puget Sound and is one of Seattle’s largest parks. It is extremely popular with both locals and tourists, with tennis courts, baseball fields, and even a heated saltwater swimming pool.

What to Expect When Holidaying in Les Menuires Ski Resort

When it comes to appealing ways to spend a winter break, not much beats renting a catered chalet in a top Alpine ski resort. Combining the best of physical activity and winter sports with the luxury, comfort and warmth the season demands, it is no wonder this particular style of holiday has reached the levels of popularity that it has.

Head to France

When it comes to places in which to spend a winter vacation, France tends to be one of the first to come to mind. The location of one of the tallest mountain ranges in the world – the Alps – has contributed to make it a prime destination for skiers and snowboarders looking for an enjoyable time on the slopes. Any winter sport enthusiast worth their salt will probably be able to rattle off a comprehensive list of resorts and locations where a fellow aficionado may get their fix, each with their own individual strengths and shortcomings.

But while the more ‘mainstream’ skier or snowboarder is unlikely to go too far beyond the better known resorts, someone with a more in-depth knowledge of the country and its skiing locations may steer towards more obscure, but no less interesting places in which to rent a catered chalet. A good example of this, for instance, is Les Menuires, a resort in the Savoy region that not only offers challenging and varied pistes, but also boasts several interesting places to visit relatively close by. Below are just a few attractions located close to Les Menuires and which can help complement or round out a skiing holiday in the resort.

From Quaint To Modern

One of the best aspects of spending a holiday in a catered chalet in Les Menuires is the fact that neither traditional quaintness nor avant-garde modernity is ever too far away. Skiers and snowboarders looking to get to know the ‘real’ France, for example, can visit the nearby village of St. Martin de Belleville by day, before visiting the trendy Le Mousse bar for an after-ski drink in the evening.

On the other hand, those looking for a slightly more offbeat type of entertainment – at least for a ski resort – need look no further than Les Bruyeres, an indoor water park that doubles as a spa, which will delight both families with youngsters and those looking for a ‘wellness’ experience. Les Bruyeres also boasts a cinema, where film enthusiasts can catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster or an old classic.

While not mind-blowing by ‘regular’ standards, any of these attractions is relatively unexpected in the context of a winter holiday; as such, holidaymakers who choose to rent a catered chalet at Les Menuires will find that their resort offers an unexpected new dimension not found in more famous or popular locations, in France or elsewhere.