The Attractions of West Seattle

Seattle, Washington with a population of some 625,000 is the largest city in our Pacific Northwest region. Seattle is one of the top-50 “most populous” cities in the country, and as a matter of fact was the fastest-growing of those 50 cities.

Seattle is a port city and boasts an excellent climate year round… if you like rain. People come here for the rugged scenery, the cool climate, the business opportunities, and of course the history of the region.

In order to accommodate the new residents (Seattle adds some 10,000 new residents a year), there are plenty of apartments for rent, condominiums, as well as duplexes and triplexes. Home rental is also popular.

Seattle, named after a local Native American chief, was founded between 1851-1853, as a logging town. It became the “gateway” to Alaska during the Alaska Gold Rush of 1896, and by 1910 was the 25th largest city in the nation. Since that time there have been many booms and busts, but today Seattle’s economic position is secure with internet and technology companies abounding (in particular, green technology.)

West Seattle

This is the most historic region of the city because it is here that the city was founded, well over a hundred and fifty years ago. New residents of the city can find apartments for rent in brand new apartment buildings, or in buildings or homes that are almost that old! There are also museums and preserved buildings which attract the history-loving enthusiast to the region.

Seattle is divided into thirteen districts, and West Seattle comprises two of them, Delridge and Southwest. All of the city west of the Duwamish River belongs to West Seattle. As with other districts of Seattle, there are plenty of West Seattle apartments for rent here, as well as condominiums and single family homes.

Natural Attractions


From this area of the city, citizens and tourists are blessed with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains (and in particular Mount Olympus itself) to their west, and the Cascade Range to their east. The Cascade Range is of course home to Mount Baker and Mount Rainier, and during the season tourists flock here for the winter sports, while in summer and fall, hiking is popular.

Beaches and Parks

There are several saltwater beach parks here. The two most popular are Alki Beach Park and Lincoln Park. Allki Beach Park, the first public salt water beach on the Pacific North coast, runs along Elliot Bay between Alki Point and Duwamish Head. Alki Point, which extends out into Puget Sound, is the westernmost point, and is the site of the original white settlement of 1851-1853 (comprised of “the Denny Party”) that would grow into Seattle.

Lincoln Park runs along Puget Sound and is one of Seattle’s largest parks. It is extremely popular with both locals and tourists, with tennis courts, baseball fields, and even a heated saltwater swimming pool.